Race Night


Tickets for our Peaky Blinders Race Night can be purchased here.

Race & Horse Sponsorship

Here's the race card for the evening. If you want to sponsor a race or a horse you can do that here. Please let us know when you've done it and we'll add you to the card.

Race One
Sponsor: Silkmoth
1Last but not leastCarl Dean
2Blue MoonThe Beasleys
3Dune BasherNick Laycock
4Saturday ClubCheryl, Gemma & Paul
5KincsemKevin Lipoth
6Polly PalaminoPolly Williams
7Abarama's AppaloosaMargaret Cartland
8Irish Over ScotchCraig Burlinson
Race Two
Sponsor: RS Heating Care
1Deansgate DorisChris Whitehead
2United’s BlueLoz Edwards
3Ding DongFinlay Reid
4Horse Story 4 (The Final Hurdle)Chris Proctor
5May The Horse Be With YouBob Heaps
6Pony Fools And CoursesSteve Gerrard
7Tommy Turn OutJamie Manson
8Fetlock FinDee High
Race Three
Sponsor: Roebuck Plumbing
1AnthraxNick Cork
2Revel StokeMichael Conway
3Dessert OrchardBrian Roscoe
4DangerousKris Clayton
5GucciNicky McNicholas
6Strong CharlieJulia Cartwright
7Polly Picked a PalaminoGabrielle Pickard-Whitehead
8Alfie Solomon's Not DeadChris Burton
Race Four
Sponsor: G Burdett Funeral Services
1Findus LasagneJohn Hall
2CountOnMePatrick Laycock
3On The DashAmy Jones
4JackaboyAlex Jackaman
5Cheeky MareBob Heaps
6Rein Linda In ArthurLinda Sheldon
7HoofheartedJimmy Tinsley
8Johnny Dogs' Top TipJenny Hodgson
Race Five
Sponsor: MLMedia
1Bennett’s BeautyJohn Bennett
2Kinder SurpriseJeremy Poulter
3Pep’s HeroesLoz Edwards
4Big BreakfastJack Heaps
5Coming From BehindSam Lomas
6Coming Up The RearPete Lomas
7Red BumScott Lomas
8WhisperAli Lomas
Race Six
Sponsor: Hayfield Physiotherapy
1TwentyTreesAndy & Claire Brooks
2NozzerchopsLucy Gell
3JackamooseMerle Youngs
4The Mare of HayfieldYvonne Jones
5Plug SocketAmy Jones
6By Order Of...Thomas Manson
7Reigning InEric Eaton
8Fifty Shades of HayStephen Salmon
Race Seven
Sponsor: Hayfield News
1Wish for Sunny SummerBeth Hallam
2Chosen MateMichael Conway
3TriggerEric Eaton
4Give It Some TeddyAndy & Claire Brooks
5Monaghan BoyKris Clayton
6Margate MobsterChris Burton
7Oggy Loves WendyWendy Dean
8Tunnelling TommyJonno Ollerenshaw
Race Eight - The Hayfield Derby
Sponsor: Clayton Chartered Certified Accountants
1Davey BoyHayfield Village Store & Post Office
2Alken Anyone Beat Us!Alken Engineering
3Material GirlThe Thread Mill
4Mr WhittakerHayfield News
5ShutthefrontdoorKith & Kin Illustrations
6Sporty NagThe Sportsman Inn
7Lodge-LionThe Kinder Lodge
8City UnitedThe Kinder Lodge

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