Friday 22 May 2009

High Lane U10 v Hayfield Juniors

We had a couple of games last night against High Lane U10s. Like the weekend,s game we were made to work hard and ultimately were beaten by the better team.

Hayfield U10s took to a muddy pitch for only their second game against a High Lane team that had been playing together for three years. Some great defending and determination kept the first game to 5-0 and the second to just 3-1.

Highlights were Rachel Finn's "man" of the match performance in the first game and Ben Dean's man of the match performance in the second game. Both defenders deserved their applause as they worked tirelessly under a lot of pressure.

Probably the biggest highlight was Jake Young's goal that literally burst the net. A strong toe-poke from 20 yards not only beat the keeper but broke the crossbar causing the nets to fall over.

In 150 years of association football this has only happened once before...

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