Saturday 13 June 2009

Hayfield Juniors v Chinley

What a remarkable result it was on Thursday night against Chinley! It was the first friendly we've played where our U8s actually got to play against children of the same age.

The first game ended 7-1 for Hayfield. We dominated the midfield, winning the ball and distributing it quickly to turn defence into attack. Josh Harwood worked tirelessley winning the ball up-front and passing it on to create scoring opportunities for Michael Deaville, George Howell and Richard Woolley.

The second half carried on like the first allowing Luke Adderley, George Howell and Josh Harwood to get on to the scoresheet.

In the second game we rearranged our team to try players out in different positions. Strikers played as defenders and defenders were put up front. Jacob Whitfield scored from a stunning right foot strike and Joe Brooks scored a deserved goal after a tireless effort.

Josh Harwood dropped from up front to right-back where he performed his duties with discipline (well done Josh!). Hayfield ran out 6-0 winners.

All in all a magnicifent performance watched by a good crowd of parents from the village.

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