Wednesday 1 October 2014

Back to the 80s - Saturday 29th November, The Royal Hotel

Join us at The Royal on Saturday 29th November for our annual boogie. We did the 70s last year and now we take on the 80s. Dust off your "Frankie Says..." t-shirts and dig out your shoulder pads from the bottom of your drawers...


  1. Errrrrm can I just confirm something? Has an email gone out to club members saying children are allowed to attend? Is this a club event or a club fundraiser (that non-club members are encouraged to attend)?

    This is an 80's night, in a pub, in the evening! Nothing about that suggests that it is a "family" activity which kids can attend. If it is, perhaps it should have been advertised as such.

  2. In an effort to boost ticket sales we did decide to open up ticket sales to kids. HOWEVER, the overwhelming feedback we've had is that that is a bad idea so we're not doing that.

    It was also little premature of us as well as tickets are now nearly sold out!


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