Friday 13 September 2013

Join us at Hayfield Country Show

Once again we'll be supporting the annual Country Show and Sheep Dog Trials at Spray House Farm in Little Hayfield.

Beat the Goalie

Beat the goalie is your chance to become a football legend. On each day of the show we'll be running a penalty shoot-out. Score two out of three and you're into the sudden death final. Win that and as well as fame and glory you'll win a tenner! Great fun for all the family.

Guess The Weight

Once again we're running our Guess the Weight competition together with New Mills Junior FC. David Mellor has kindly donated a lorry load of straw. All you have to do is guess the weight of the lorry's load. The closest guess will win £100. Definitely worth a go.

On Sunday at 4:00pm the straw will be auctioned. All proceeds to go jointly to the two football clubs.

We'd like to thank David, once again, for his extraordinary generosity.

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