Thursday 2 April 2009

About Our Club Badge

Hayfield Junior FC LogoAt the beginning of the year we had a competition to design a club logo and also to come up with a nickname for the club. The winner of the logo competition was Matthew Deaville. You can see his logo here.

Matthew based his design on the primary school's badge which all of the children in the village are very familiar with.

We had a number of entries for a nickname, including The Pikees, which is appropriate given that we play at the foot of Lantern Pike. However, we chose The Trespassers which reflects Hayfield's important role in establishing the country's first national park - The Peak District National Park.

The nickname was the idea of Callum Gerrard (with some help from his mum!), so well done Callum!

More information on the Mass Trespass of Kinder Scout

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