Thursday 2 April 2009

Welcome to Hayfield Junior FC

Welcome to the first season for Hayfield Junior Football Club.

This season we will endeavour to fulfil the club's aims and objectives by providing a positive learning environment where your child's football skills and knowledge of the game will develop. As well as this we want to try and establish a junior football team representing Hayfield for the 2009/2010 season.

We don't know yet which age group this team will be. With a good number of children we may even be able to achieve two teams. Let's hope so.

Regardless of whether or not we have a team representing Hayfield next year our real definition of success is for your child to want to keep coming to training week after week. This will occur, not through a focus on winning, but through:

  • focusing on the child’s skill development;
  • ensuring the child is involved in all practice sessions;
  • adopting an approach that focuses on the child enjoying themselves.


  1. Hi Carl/Steve& Peter my son is interested in playing for the under 9`s his name is Kallis Hyde he has played the last 2 seasons at Richmond Rovers but is looking to move, he is in Lewis Chadwicks class at school, if you could let me know when the training starts we can bring him along.Thanks Diane Hyde

  2. Hi Diane,

    Please drop me an email with your contact details to and I'll be in touch.


  3. I was just checking the fixtures in November. On our site, we play Hale on the 7th November. When I checked the Hale site, they have us down as 14th November. Sounds like its worth checking.

  4. Hi I am kelly Wealthall I womdered when your matches are played amd when you have training ?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Please drop me a line at with details of the team you're interested in joining.




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